2017-03-14 Planning Commission Meeting

There were two main items during this meeting. The first item is on a Cupertino municipal code magazzuwatch amendment to add a process for residents of a neighborhood with at least 75% single story homes to petition the City Council for a Single Story Overlay, meaning that a property owner would need to get a conditional use permit to add or build a two story home. A number of surrounding cities have adopted such a process and city staff has prepared a comparison chart and an easy to read FAQ.  The Planning Commission voted 4-1 to recommend to the City Council to adopt such an amendment, along with considering setting a minimum threshold for such a neighborhood.

The second item was a discussion of the 2017 Planning Commission work plan.  The current City Council work plan was considered for background context.  One item the commission is likely to take on is to consider any code or Specific Plan amendments that would be needed to implement the policies in Cupertino’s new Economic Strategic Development Plan that the Council passed in 2016.  We also had a lively discussion of a potentially sponsoring a Transportation Forum for Cupertino residents, the idea being having the city traffic engineers share actual traffic data (present, past, and predicted future). We would also hear from residents about their neighborhoods and any ideas they have for alleviating traffic, the notion being that people who live in a neighborhood know it the best.
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