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Jerry Liu ImageI live in the City of Cupertino, located within the San Francisco Bay Area, and work at a large tech company on projects ranging from mass consumer products to customized enterprise solutions.

During the day, I work with a group of talented researchers and engineers, putting on different hats for different projects – problem solver, fund raiser, PowerPoint maker, goods peddler, idea nurturer, conflict mediator, and code writer. One constant, throughout these different roles, has been my bird’s eye view of new technologies as they emerge, sometimes playing with them and other times helping to create them.

At night, I am the father of two little girls who see the world through different lenses than I grew up with. They think nothing of singing to their grandparents thousands of miles away on a handheld device and don’t understand why they can’t swipe on the screen to change channels on our family TV. From them, I’m learning how to learn again, while seeing the world in different ways.

In my copious spare time, I do my best to contribute to the community that my kids are growing up in. I am a commissioner for my city, serve on the boards of some local non-profits, and help out with school activities here and there. I’ve also been known to get involved in political campaigns for causes and candidates that I believe in.

The people who work with me know that I carry a composition book with me everywhere I go. I do a lot of writing in these books – notes, thoughts, and, most important of all, questions. I go through several of these books a year and now have cartons of these composition books with their battered and faded colored covers. This blog is an attempt to better capture and organize my ideas and impressions going forward, while contributing to the din of conversations happening all around us.

Welcome to my corner of the world. 🙂
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    • November 30, 2016 at 4:29 am

      Dear Jerry,

      This is Yifan from Korn Ferry. Hope this email finds you well!
      K/F is the NO.1 worldly executive search company (NYSE: KFY), and my team is dedicated in hiring executive leaders in technology industry.

      We’re now retained by a Huawei Technologies, to look for the Head of their Database kernel Lab, leading the Research and Development of next-generation database management systems, including and not limited in OLTP&OLAP, Cloud, Mobile, etc.
      • Huawei Tech is one of the Top 3 high tech company specialized in networking and telecommunications equipment and services, with a strong emphasis on Research.
      • Year 2015, Huawei Tech recorded a revenue (in USD) of $60.8 Billion, a profit of $5.7 Billion, nearly 33% YOY increase; and a R&D fund around $9.2 Billion.
      • This role will be based in the West Coast TBD, leading a team of 20-30 Next-Gen DB Engineers.

      I’m very interested in your background, and would like to have an open discussion to understand your situation, and seek for your thoughts/advise on this opportunity .
      Please kindly advise a good time to talk and your contact.

      Best Regards,

      Yifan SHI ???
      Research Associate

      Tel: +86 10 5816 3127
      MP: +86 155 1010 6769

      E-mail: yifan.shi@kornferry.com


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