All Good Things…

All good things must come to an end…

These last four months have been the memorable autumn in my life. It has been a true privilege to be a city council candidate in an election with such passionate campaigning and high turnout. I’m grateful for the opportunity to really learn about our city – not just the locations of various streets from hours and hours of canvassing, but really talking to the residents and understanding their hopes and aspirations for our community. These many conversations helped me to see what success means for Cupertino, and I know we have taken a step forward from this election. I have also been blessed with the many new friends I made throughout this journey, and I am touched with the warm encouragement and devoted support they have generously provided to me. At the end of the day, Cupertino is a civically-engaged and neighborly community.

I congratulate Steven and Rod for their wins; they both ran marvelous campaigns in a challenging environment. And I give them my best wishes and support as they work with Savita, Darcy, and Barry to represent our residents in an uncertain yet hopeful future. I would like to thank my friends, old and new, who supported me, for without you the campaign would not have been possible. And I thank those who raised questions and engaged in lively discussions of my campaign messages, as seeking answers to questions is how we grow as a community. And lastly, I thank my family for being supportive of my absence as a husband and a father during the last few months.

I had a lot of fun during the last few months meeting new people and advocating for causes I care about. And as I wrap up the campaign, I will take away from it many fond memories and new friendships. These are treasures that no amount of money can buy. Thank you, Cupertino.

If you’re looking for my campaign site, it’s now archived at (and the companion Chinese site at
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