Cupertino Elections 2014

As I drive around town, I’m seeing more and more of these miniature billboards popping up everywhere. It’s election time!

At the municipality level, the major contests of interest tend to be that for the city council and for the school boards.  Our high school district (Fremont Union) school board election is uncontested, so there are really two elections to track – Cupertino City Council and Cupertino Union School District board.

Since it’s not obvious how to find the candidates’ campaign sites even with search engines (some have only been up less than a month – not always enough time to climb to the top of organic search results), I’m listing them here for reference.

For the Cupertino City Council, there are three “at-large” four year term positions being filled in this election. Orrin Mahoney, our former mayor, is terming out while Barry Chang and Mark Santoro are running for reelection. Here are the candidates listed in the order they will appear on the ballot.

For the Cupertino Union School District Board member positions, there are also three at-large four year term positions being filled. Anjali Kausar is running for re-election while there are three new candidates seeking positions. Former board members Ben Liao and Gary McCue are not running for reelection.

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