My New Lunchbox

I’ve been playing with and admiring this cool lunchbox for the last few days.  What’s different about this lunch box from the other ones I have is that this lunchbox was built in front of my eyes!

The digital file for the lunchbox was downloaded from Thingiverse and then printed with the new MakerBot Replicator 2X 3D printer.  This lunchbox took many hours to “print’ –  watching this print is a bit like watching paint dry – but there is something mesmerizing about seeing the lunchbox come together layer by layer.  You “print” a couple of pieces and then assemble them into the lunchbox.

This one was actually the best out of a batch of half a dozen tries.  If you look very carefully at the sides of the lunchbox, you can see the imperfections where the sides are deformed, so I won’t be using this for anything “serious” anytime soon. Still, it’s pretty amazing that what a cool 3D printer $3000 will buy you now. I can just imagine letting kids loose in an art class with some simple 3D design software like 123D and one of these printers – it would take art classes to a new dimension!
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