My Perfect Development Machine

I try to keep my hands writing code every once in a while just so I don’t forget how much fun it is. Nowadays it’s mostly code for iOS and Android, with an occasion cloud service to support the mobile apps.

For the longest time I used only Windows machines since I worked for a purveyor of Windows boxes. Then iOS came along and I needed a Mac to write code, so I got a Mac Mini to start with and eventually upgraded to a MacBook.

A few days ago I got a MacBook Pro with retina display and a SSD drive and just finished setting up Xcode and Eclipse and Java and all the usual development tools, along with setting up the profiles and SCM clients and copied over the source code for my projects.

And I just realized I really love how everything feels!

The machine is light and incredibly quiet, as compared to the mid-2009 MacBook that I had previously been using. The screen is gorgeous. The interaction feels smooth, though the clicking sound when I click on the touchpad can be annoying. And I can fire up Xcode and Eclipse at the same time to download code down to the USB tethered Galaxy S3 and the iPad.  I’m a happy camper.

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