Not Yet, Glass

I  received an invite to buy a Google Glass today. At first I thought this would be cool! I had a chance to try Glass at Google I/O earlier this year and can see myself in one.  Plus it would be cool to be the first one in the office with one. Then I looked at the price.   They haven’t changed it – it’s still $1,500.  Is Glass worth $1500?

I asked a friend at GoogleX working on Google Glass to see if I should buy one. Her answer was, well, “depends on what you want to use it for”.  Simple, yet profound.

I watched the videos at the Glass site and tried to imagine how I would go about my day wearing this on my head. First thought is that it would be cool to be able to record the meetings so I don’t have to take notes. But then when will I find the time to review all the videos?  Plus would they allow me into a R&D facility with Glass where I can record everything I see, when technically we’re not supposed to bring cameras into the office (rules made in the pre-camera phone days).

I guess what I’d really like to do is to develop apps for Glass. I did some app development back in the early days of iOS and it’s amazing how much money you can make from an app developed in a couple of weekends if there aren’t 30 apps just like it in the store (hint: you can buy a nice car). But then I checked the Glass Developer Kit and while the introductions are clear with lots of well thought-out design examples, somehow it doesn’t quite feel it’s there yet.  One of these days I’ll write more about what doesn’t feel right, yet. So now my thinking is clear.  It’s worth $1500 to me as a development expense but not as a personal accessory/toy, but I’m not sure what I’m allowed to do on the platform. So I’ll get one, if I’m allowed by Google, when the GDK feels more ready. But for now, Not Yet, Glass.
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