What a Wrench!

A colleague gave me this adjustable wrench that came out of an Objet Connex500 printer. Wow!  It’s way more impressive than the lunchbox from the $3,000 MakerBot, though to be fair we’re talking a quarter dollar million machine here so it’s not really fair to compare.  The worm screw in the wrench is turnable and you can actually adjust it with fairly decent accuracy!  The Objet system surrounds the actual object to be printed with a soft material that can be washed away to get to the final piece. Doing it feels a bit like getting a newborn critter out of the protective shell.  I’m impressed with how precise the parts are – the finish is very smooth. Objet’s ABS-like material is pretty tough, though I don’t think I can turn actual metal screws with it.  Don’t want to break my new favorite toy!

When my wife and I built our house a few years back, our architect built a model of our house from cardboard.  I would pay quite a bit to have a model of our house printed with this Objet printer.

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